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Our latest collections

Our collections consist of mainly exclusive European fabrics of the highest quality. They are trendy, fashionable, and of the highest industry standard. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a permanent range of basics and best-selling fabrics.

Spring / Summer 2022

This is Spring/Summer 2022! Our collection for the warmer months of the year is characterized by innovative qualities, with some fabrics even including multifunctional, intelligent fibers. We combine our usual high quality craftsmanship with sustainability and protection of our environment.

  • Italian linen "cross-dye" washed with Maiselle soap, final finish completely without chemicals

  • 100% cotton and light Tencel printed with different motifs

  • Denim fabric plain, printed or embroidered with hole pattern

  • Lyocell/Tencel Denim

  • High quality Jaquards for coats, jackets, dresses and skirts

  • Viscose crepe EcoVero, Lenzing fiber with high environmental standards

  • Knitted jaquards in various designs

  • Soft tiling silk satin and dupioni silk plain or embroidered

  • Refined prints on silk and bamboo

  • Sustainable fabrics made from innovative materials (e.g. QMilk fiber and soy fiber)

  • Hemp from Italy in various weaves

Fall / Winter 2022/23

With our Fall/Winter-Styles of the season 2022/23, we offer exclusive qualities for the coldest months of the year. High quality, warming garments, together with fine, exclusive Merino knits, are setting the tone for this year's fall-winter-selection.


Never out of stock: Our standards are always available for you and can be ordered throughout the whole year. Our best sellers and established standard fabrics will definitely be a great fit for your project: They are suitable for versatile productions and clothing lines, no matter the season.

  • Viscosity-Eelastan-Jersey (345g/lfm)

  • Cotton-Elastan-Jersey (385g/lfm)

  • Romanit-Jersey: Viskose-Polyamid-Elastan (560g/lfm, and additionally 485g/lfm)

  • Bambus-Elastan-Jersey (310g/lfm)

  • Satined fabric: Cotton-Polyester-Elastan (300g/lfm)

  • Woven Crepe: Viskose-Polyester-Elastan (385g/lfm)

  • Cotton-Popeline from Europe: 100% CO-organic (190g/lfm)

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